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We offer a great Kumdo/Kumbub program. Our classes are taught by Jesse Adams, a second degree Black Belt who has trained overseas earning an additional Black Belt from instructors in Korea. He is a seven-time IBBF Kumdo Tournament Champion having remained undefeated throughout his competition career.

Classes consist of sport sword practice (Kumdo) using a bamboo sword, and real/battlefield sword practice (Kumbub), using a wooden sword. The program is designed to be both challenging and enjoyable for beginners and experts alike. We combine general instructional classes with personalized training, goal setting and video analysis, all to make you the best possible martial artist that you can be!

Classes are currently held Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! JOIN ANYTIME!

For more information about what Kumdo is, please feel free to watch the videos and read the article below

For more information about what Kumdo is please feel free to watch the videos and read the article below

*Letter from the Instructor

The “way of the Sword” presents new opportunities for those interested in martial arts

Kumdo\ Kumbub is a uniquely rewarding class. Those with no martial arts experience can enjoy its full benefits. Yet, it still offers a new challenge for experienced martial artists to expand their knowledge and skills.

The class has two focuses, Kumdo and Kumbub. First, Kumdo: the art or the sport of bamboo sword, which is called a “juk do.” Kumdo uses both the juk do and armor, which allows practitioners to safely spar and train with contact. This style of practice began around the 18th century allowing for experimentation without injury, thus helping to develop a more effective technique.

A Kumdo match is a safe competition based on a deadly tool, the sword! If struck with a sword, even the fittest and strongest of opponents is still perceived to have been “slain”. Strikes are swift, decisive and fast! A match can end at any moment, in the blink of an eye!

In most martial arts, a fighter or competitor can take a serious blow, be knocked down, sometimes on multiple occasions, and yet they can still come back to win the contest due to their physical advantages or other factors. This is not the case in Kumdo. It is unique in that one’s physical size or strength plays a small role. When a critical blow is struck, the match is over. One competitor has survived and the other has “perished”. No second chances.

This being the case, your mental focus, technique and strong spirit are of greater importance than your size or strength. Remember this, in any Kumdo match there is one great equalizer: The Sword. Despite differences in height, weight and strength, each competitor’s sword is the same length and can strike with impunity for the fighter who has developed the proper technique.

Because of this, many of the world’s greatest Kumdo competitors are not the fastest or the strongest. They are the most focused. They have made their weapon an extension of their strength of will and powerful technique. On a personal note, I stand just 5’7” and have fought many times while giving up a weight disadvantage of nearly 100 pounds. Yet, I have managed to remain undefeated over the course of my competition career. I have trained many champions, some physically large, some small. But ALL with the same focus on attitude and technique.

Next, Kumbub: the art of real sword. When practicing these techniques students use a wooden sword or “mok gum” and are allowed to train with a sharp sword once they have attained their black belt. When practicing Kumbub, students learn various techniques for drawing or putting away their weapon, proper stances, cutting techniques, poomse (or Patterns) for their rank, and battlefield (sword to sword) techniques.

In Kumdo/Kumbub, your training begins with your attitude. When using a weapon, 100% of your focus is required. It should be an extension of your body and we must learn to be aware of it at all times. This is done not just to become more proficient with the weapon but to also ensure safety in the dojang. Training with this type of focus allows students to leave the stresses and disruptions of daily life outside of the dojang and offer themselves some uninterrupted time.

I look forward to seeing you in class and thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Jesse Adams

Instructor – Next Edge Academy of Kumdo/Kumbub

2nd Dan USA

1st Dan Korea

7-Time IBBF Champion