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Lesson Plan

Position Description

The 80/20 is a leg entanglement with your inside leg knee is down on the mat but over their inside leg and your outside leg locking over your inside leg. The trapped heel is on the inside of your body. It is an advantageous position because you have control over your opponent’s leg and they do not have control of one of yours. Essentially it is 50/50 with the inside leg down and on the ground.


  • Upper body weight is over the elbow
  • Layover top the submission
  • Eliminate space
  • Try to keep your butt tight to theirs
  • Inside knee down
  • Keep your Figure four loose but figure-foured in transition then tight
  • Boot
  • Open his knee line to switch from 50/50 by pushing away with both hands

Additional Information

Head Positioning

  • You are working to be on the same side as the inside leg so your head will be near the mat.

Leg Positioning

  • Your outside leg goes over you inside leg either crossed or feet together
  • Your inside leg goes over their inside of the trapped leg pinching on the trapped leg, Knee Down.
  • Hide your inside foot by having it under your outside leg


  • Your “Knee Grip” will be pinching the legs together.
  • Your “Arm Grip” will be on your opponent’s inside leg ankle.


  • As with most leg lock positions you are looking to stay close. With your butt scooting close to their butt. Trying to keep your arms and head out of their reach.

Opponents Submission Setups

  • Opponent dropping back from your open guard into 50/50 then 80/20
  • Opponent dropping into Imanari Roll from open guard into 80/20

Opponents Sweeps Setups

  • Your opponent will be looking to pop your inside leg to transition to the mount position from here so you need to not allow your heel to be compromised by keeping it in their thigh and not allowing them to get control of your head or arm. Try to stay on your strong side meaning your outside leg on the bottom. They will try to get you to the other side so they can hop over the inside leg.

Weight Analysis

  • Your weight needs to be on the inside leg. Leaning on your inside arm. You are usually sitting up or on your side.

Ideal Body Type

  • Works for all body types

Leverage Points

  • The outside leg on the hip keeping them from coming up
  • Your inside leg on the thigh keeping them from coming up

Pro Grappler to Review

  • Josh Hayden