Next Edge Academy

Position Options

Americana from Mount

Americana from Top Side Control

Americana from Bottom Side Control (as Escape)

Americana from Top Half Guard

Americana from Kesa

Near Americana from Kesa


Americana Defenses

  • Americana Defenses
    1. Pull the Arm into your chest


Americana Escapes

a. Gift Wrap

b. Buck (Make sure your arm does get too far from your body.

c. Switch and Y Escape

d. Push to Single Leg X Escape


  • Initial Positioning
  • Wrist Trapping
  • Elbow Positioning 
  • Hip Control

Initial Positioning

  • Try to use two hands to push down their one arm. Locking out your arms and keeping them tight to your chest if possible. 

Wrist Trapping

  • You have three options when doing an Americana. This is often called a motorcycle grip. Here is the list of best to worst
    • Opponent’s thumb pointed to the ceiling
    • Opponent’s Knuckles on the mat thumb toward them
    • Opponent’s Thumb pointed to the mat

Elbow Positioning 

  • You need to bring their elbow down to the hip. Often you will get the tap well before you ever have to lift the elbow. Remember on an American you want to have the elbow pinned to the hip with their attacked hand away from their body.

Hip Control

  • If your opponent attempts to raise their hip use your hip or knee to push this back down.