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Positional Series


This is a standard position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where you are sitting with your opponent in between your legs facing away from you. Your chest is on their back. Variations include

Lesson Plans


From Outside

  • *Conventional Wisdom* Fall to the side you wish choke from
  • *Don’t cross your feet*
  • Create a frame around them with your legs but don’t waste energy squeezing just be tight
  • Danaher Style
    • Establish a Control Side
    • If falling to the control side bring the bottom leg across the belly to block the hips
    • If falling to the choke side hook the arm first before falling to that side
    • Control opponents hands with a series of direct and indirect controls until you have one free hand and your opponent has none
    • Have opposite control on the upper body and lower body. Meaning that the opponent can not rotate one way or the other easily.

From Inside

  • Control their hands
  • Work on escaping your hips and back out
  • Don’t allow collar grips
  • Keep your arms tight

Additional Information

Head Positioning

From Outside

  • Keep your head on the opposite side of the choking side.

From Inside

  • Head positioning from the bottom is not super important. Try to Get your head on the opposite side of the choking hand.

Leg Positioning

From Outside

  • Depending on the variation but mostly your legs will be around the hips
  • Your feet should be inside their legs not crossed. Heels pulling back slightly.

From Inside

  • You should have your feet together for the most part working as one unit. Trying to pummel inside their feet with your knees.


From Top

  • Seatbelt
  • Double Lapel Control
  • Double Wrist Control
  • Danaher Series 
    • Direct Same Side Control
  • Direct Cross Side Control
  • Indirect Same Side Control
  • Indirect Cross Side Control
  • Estima Back Control (Next Edge Only name)
  • Arm Trap – In a seatbelt position with your opponent’s arm trapped. You should trap the one on the same side as your over arm.

From Bottom

  • Normally don’t grip. Create the movement with your hips and trap their arms with your arms and hands.

Grip Breaks

From Top

From Bottom


From Outside

  • Be Super tight and control the hips

From Inside

  • You want to create a lot of space.

Opponents Submission Setups

From Opponent on Inside

  • Toe Hold on one of your inside feet
  • Ankle lock if feet are crossed

Weight Analysis

From the Outside

  • Your weight needs to be on your butt for the most part or on a side
  • Do not allow your opponent to separate from you.
  • Stay with the chest on their back

From Inside

  • Your weight will be on the mat but you can manipulate it by getting off to the side and using your hips to escape

Ideal Body Type

  • Works for all body types

Leverage Points

From Outside

  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Head
  • Wrists

From Inside

  • Hips
  • Arms
  • Knees

Pro Grappler to Review

Marcelo Garcia