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Transitions To

Mount to Back – Ninja Roll

Mount to Back – Tonan Roll

Top Half Guard to Back

Butterfly Shuck to Back

DLR to Back

RDLR to Back 

De La Worm Guard to Back

Wrist Control Back

Reverse Half to Back

Escapes from Inside Back

  • Back to Side 
  • Back to Inside Guard
  • Back to Half Guard
  • Back to Guard


A big concept to understand in back escapes is to understand your opponent’s arm positioning. In general, you always want to be over both of your opponent’s arms. If this happens they can’t choke you. If you fall to a side you should fall to the trapped arm side. Meaning your opponent’s trapped arm. The other major concept is determining if you will scoot down to eliminate control from them or push your weight on them.

BJ Penn Escape

Weight Low

Saulo Back Escape


Ezekiel Choke

Bow and Arrow Choke


Triangle Variation 2

Guillotine from Back


Wrist Control Trap to RNC

Submission Chains

RNC – Short Choke – Armbar

Collar Choke – Bow and Arrow Choke – Armbar