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This is a standard position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where you are sitting with your opponent in between your legs facing away from you. Your chest is on their back. Variations include

Why would I end up here?

The best position normally for basic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is normally the Back. This position gives you the best situation if it was a fight. Your opponent is not able to really hit you or attack you and you can hit them or attack them.

Now that you have learned to take the person down, pass the guard and mount. You should also look at taking the back.

Also in this series is escapes from back. This is a very bad position to be in and almost every other position is considered a better spot to be in defensively.

What are my techniques from here?

Gracie Back Escape

Rear Naked Choke


  • Outside – You are the person on the other persons back
  • Inside – The person is on your back
  • Hooks – Your heels are inside the thigh of your opponent
  • Seat Belt Hold – You have one arm under their armpit and the other over their shoulder like a Seat belt on a car. This is normally the starting point for most back drills

What should I be thinking when I have someones back?

When you have someones back you are almost always looking for a submission. You should not look at transitioning to a new position because this is considered by many as the best position possible.

  • Fall to the side you wish choke from (This will change in advanced positioning)
  • Don’t lean back
  • Don’t cross your feet
  • Create a frame around them with your legs but don’t waste energy squeezing just be tight
  • The leg closest to the mat should be across their belly.

What should I be thinking when someone has my back?

When someone has your back you should look to escape as fast as possible even if that means giving up another position like mount.

  • Control their hands
  • Work on escaping your head first, then the hips and back out
  • Don’t allow collar grips if they have a uniform on
  • Keep your arms tight to your body and neck so they can’t choke or armbar you.

What is some additional information I should know?

Head Positioning

From Outside

  • Keep your head on the opposite side of the choking side.

From Inside

  • Head positioning from the bottom is not super important. Try to Get your head on the opposite side of the choking hand.

Leg Positioning

From Outside

  • Depending on the variation but mostly your legs will be around the hips
  • Your feet should be inside their legs not crossed. Heels pulling back slightly.

From Inside

  • You should have your feet together for the most part working as one unit. Trying to pummel inside their feet with your knees.