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De La Riva – (Day-La-He-Va)

Position Description

De La Riva was started by Ricardo De La Riva. The goal is to entangle the leg of your opponent. 

Why would I end up here?

Normally this is a long range guard. So you are trying to keep the person in front of your feet. Usually this is when your opponent is standing and you are on your butt.

What are my techniques from here?

De La Riva Forward Sweep

De La Riva Push Down Pass

What should I be thinking when someone has me in De La Riva?

  • Strip the Grips
  • Don’t Allow them to grab the ankle
  • Grip the free leg
  • Be in a squat position

What should I be thinking when I have someone in De La Riva?

  • Establish Grips
  • Grab the Ankle
  • Get them off balance
  • Don’t Allow them to grip the free leg
  • Bring their weight forward

Additional Information from this position

Head Positioning

From Top

  • Keep your Head up
  • Don’t allow them to grab your head 

From Bottom

  • Not Super important from bottom

Leg Positioning

From Top

From Bottom

  • Use the leg to hook around the near leg for a modern De La Riva Positioning – Hip up to set Near Leg   
  • Use the leg to hook around the far leg for the traditional De La Riva also know as De La X. Have your butt on their foot.


From Top

  • Control the pants at the knees

From Bottom

  • One arm Grip at the Heel, Ankle or Pant Leg
  • Other on one of the following
    • Grip the belt
    • Grip the collar 
    • Grip the Sleeve
    • Grip the Cross Sleeve

Underhook De La Riva

  • Establish De La Riva then go under the shin and grab your shin
  • Keep your other foot on your opponent


From Top

  • Don’t allow your weight to come forward 
  • When passing choose to stay super tight or super long

From Bottom

  • Pull them in close to load their weight on you before the sweep

Weight Analysis

From the Top

  • Keep your Balance and weight low. 
  • Don’t bring your weight forward

From Bottom

  • Keep their weight moving

Ideal Body Type

  • Longer Legs for Traditional De La Riva
  • Shorter Legs for Modern De La Riva

Leverage Points

From Top

  • Knees 

From Bottom

  • Collar
  • Sleeves
  • Knees

Pro Grappler to Review

  • Gianni Grippo

Additional Positions

  • Underhook DLR