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North South

Position Description

This position usually comes off of side control. So you or your opponent goes from side control to North South

Why would I end up here?

A person usually gets to North South from Side Control. If someone starts to defend side control you will see people switch to North South for more control.

What can I do from here?

Kimura from North South

Knee inside escape from North South

What should I be thinking from top?

  • Apply Heavy Pressure on the chest of your opponent.
  • Keep the head tight. Distance between their body and your face means space to work.

What should I be thinking from bottom?

  • Try to get your opponent off your chest without extending your arms. 
  • Determine if where your arms are at. Are they on the inside or on the outside and use the correct escape for that situation. 
  • Use your knees to push the head to a side and pummel your arms inside.

What is some additional information I should know?

Head Positioning

From Top

  • Keep your head in the belly

From Bottom

  • Try to get your head out from under them.
Leg Positioning

From Top

  • Driving weight intro your opponent on your toes

From Bottom

  • Try to keep your knees inside their arms

From Top

  • Try to get inside the arms or under the armpits

From Bottom

  • Arms tight stopping them at the biceps

From Top

  • Try to stay as tight as possible to opponents chest

From Bottom

  • Try to create distance so you can move your hips

Opponents Submission Setups

From Opponent on Bottom

Weight Analysis

From the Top

  • Be heavy on top

From Bottom

  • Try to put their weight on your arms and knees
Ideal Body Type