Next Edge Academy
Level 1.1StanceJabCrossJab-Cross11-21-1-21-2-2
Level 1.2Left HookRight HookLeft UppercutRight Uppercut2-3-23-2-36-3-25-2-3
Level 1.3Overhand RightShovel PunchCatchCatch – JabOHR – ShovelShovel – OHRCatch – 11 – Catch – 1
Level 1.4Slip Opp JabSlip Opp CrossPop Back off CrossBlock Opp CrossSlip Jab – 1BSlip Cross – 2B1-1Step in 1
Level 1.5Parry opponent StraightsParry Out (Scoop Out) & PunchBlock Body Weave Oppt HookParry JabParry CrossBody Block 6-3-2Body Block 5-2-3
Level 1.6Catch UppercutShoulder BlockRolling Under CrossShoulder ParryCatch (5) 2 – 3 -2Catch (6) 3-2-3Slip (5) 2-3Slip (6) 3 – 2
Level 1.7Holding 1Holding 2Holding 3Holding 41-21-2-31-2-3-21-2-5-2
Level 1.8Holding 5Holding 6Holding 1-2Holding 1-2-32-3-23-2-33-2-43-2-5
Level 1.9Holding 1-2-5-2Holding 2-3-2Holding 6-3-2Holding 1-1-21-Step In 15-22-51-1b-1
Level 2.1Jam Opponents Left HookJam and Pivot Oppts HookSlip Oppts UppercutPop Out off Uppercut5b-53b-31-Step In 31-Step In-5
Level 2.2Power LeftMultiple JabsJab FootworkJab to the Body1-1 out1-2-21-31-3-5
Level 2.3Elbow In for Front Body ShotDouble Left HookGetting DistancePlacement of Punches1-5-33-Angle-33-3b-31-In 3
Level 2.4Shoulder Block – Fire BackSway BackFeint JabFeint Cross1-1-23-66-35-2-3
Level 2.5Movement Angling away from powerMovement In and Out of RangeJab to the BodyCross to the Body1-Step In-51-1 out23
Level 2.6Left Hook to the BodyShoulder Roll and ShellPositioning your foreheadRoll Oppt Overhand2-2b6-3-266-AR-4
Level 2.7Block 3 Throw 2Block 4 Throw 3Block 3B Throw 6Block 4B Throw 56-AR-5Step In 6Step in 4Step Out 2
Level 2.8Roll 3 Throw 2Roll 4 Throw 3Slip 5 Throw 4Slip 6 Throw 311-21-2-3-2Step In 1 Step Out
Level 2.9Block 2-3-2Block 3-2-3Weave – 3-2Weave – 2-31-1-2-1-23-41-2-5-2Step in 2 Step Out
Level 3.1Dropping LevelCircling off the PowerPivot Moving BackwardCut off the Ring1-2-31-21-2-Evade Opp 3-2-3-2Step In 3 Step Out
Level 3.2Right out of a CornerLeft out of a CornerCreate AnglesAngle then punch2B-3B-2-35-61-2-Evade Opp 4-3-2-3Step in 5 Step Out
Level 3.3Fighting Taller Oppoent Fighting Smaller OpponentInside ShotsOutside Shots1-2-1-6-31- 61-1-2Step in 2b Step Out
Level 3.4Feint 3Step In 1 Step OutStep in 2 Step OutStep In 3 Step Out1-21-2-1-21-1-2-1-21-2b-1-1
Level 3.5Control the CenterFootwork off of Opposite StanceBlock and PivotParry Out and Pivot1-1-22-1-2-13-2-31-2-3
Level 3.6Dart – JabDart – CrossDart Cross – Body ComboDart out of the corner1-2-1Slide Inside 11-OHR-51-2
Level 3.7Crouch – UppercutWeave the OH crouchHanger armHanger arm tap down 22-1Slide Inside 2Weave Inside 31-1-2
Level 3.8Long Range FightingIn FightingRight Hook to the BodyRight Hook to the Head2-1-2Pop back on 5Weave Inside 41-2-1
Level 3.9Solar Plexus PunchSlip 1 – 1BSlip 2 – 2B3B off Opp 35-6-5-61-2-3(AL)1-1-2 slip 2-3-21-6-5-6-3-2
Level 4.13 off the Clinch4 off the Clinch5 off the Clinch6 off the Clinch6-32-1-6(AR)1-½ Step In-1-½ Step in-21-5-6
Level 4.2Defenses to JabAgainst The Heavy PuncherAgainst The Counter PuncherTactic on the Ropes and The Corner6-6-31-2-AL-1-21-21-6-5
Level 4.3Counter JabCounter CrossCounter HookCounter Uppercut1-2-AL2-1-AR-2-11-2-31-4
Level 4.4Head FeintEyes FeintArm FeintBody Feint2-1-ARAL-1-21-3-21-4-3
Level 4.5Leg FeintsCombo FeintsBreathing on StrikesBreathing on Defense1-2b-11-2-31-6-51-5-6