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Additional Videos


Transitions From

Butterfly to X Guard

Butterfly to Ashi

Hook Sweep to Ashi

Butterfly to Saddle

Top Butterfly to Saddle

Butterfly Guard to Wrong Way X


A big concept to understand in sweeps is to understand if your sweep relies on them going forward.

Russian Grip Roll

Primebar Sweep

Pump Action Shotgun Sweep

Duck Under Sweep

Sweep Counters

Hook Sweep Counter with Knee Cut


Knee Tap Sweep


Tall Passes

Roger Hop Over Pass

7 Point Pass (Not 7 Steps – You get 7 points in competition for this move) **Note in the video I don’t go to mount for the full 7 points. I go to the side. This would only be 3 points. Please practice both

Knee Switch Pass

Opponent has Double Under Pass

Low Pass

Pass Counters

Shoulder Trap off of Leg Weave Pass

Triangle off of Leg Weave Pass



Brabo Choke

Submission Escapes

Guillotine Escape

Submission Chains

Loop choke – Guillotine