Next Edge Academy


Overhook with Knee Pinch


Scissor Guard

Williams Guard

Irish Collar

Basic Closed Guard Lesson Plan

Basic Closed Guard Transitions from Bottom

Advanced Closed Guard Lesson Plan

Advanced ways of controlling their weight with grips

  • 2 on 1 Grip
  • Knee Grip
  • Scoop Grip
  • Belt Grip

Advanced Position Variation

Advanced Closed Guard Submission

Additional Submission Footage

Advanced Closed Guard Submission Combos


  • Armbar – Triangle – Armbar
  • Armbar – Triangle – Omoplata
  • Triangle Choke From Scissor Sweep
  • Hip Bump to Kimura
  • Hip Bump to Guillotine
  • Hip Bump to Triangle Choke
  • Kimura to Hip Bump
  • Kimura to Guillotine
  • Omoplata to Wrist Lock
  • Omoplata to Triangle to Armbar
  • Omoplata to Back Attack
  • Omoplata Opponent Rolls – Re Roll
  • Armbar to Omoplata
  • Armbar to Kimura
  • Armbar to Triangle
  • Armbar to Switch Armbar
  • Triangle Choke to Triangle Armbar
  • Triangle Choke to Armbar
  • Triangle Choke to Kimura
  • Triangle Choke to Omoplata
  • Triangle Choke to Fist Choke
  • Triangle Choke to Wrist Lock

To Film

  • Pull Over Palm Up/Palm Down Choke – Gi Only
  • Cross-Collar-Choke-from-Closed-Guard-Variation-2
  • Armbar off Arm Drag Sweep
  • Brabo Choke from Closed Guard
  • Baratoplata
  • Huggie Bear Kimura
  • Wristlock from Triangle Choke from Closed Guard
  • Wristlock from Triangle Choke from Closed Guard Option 2
  • Wristlock from Omoplata
  • Wrist Lock from Opponent Pushing in
  • Double Armbar
  • Helicopter Armbar
  • Kneebar from Omoplata
  • Gubber Triangle
  • Lapel Under the Armpit to the Neck
  • Baratoplata
  • Huggie Bear Kimura
  • Wrist Lock to the Chest from Triangle
  • Wrist Lock from an Omoplata
  • Wrist Lock from Opponents Hands on the hips
  • 45 Degree Armbar
  • Helicopter Armbar
  • Irish Collar Triangle
  • Williams Guard Armbar
  • Williams Guard Triangle
  • Williams Guard Omoplata
  • Kneebar if Opponent Stands


  • Knee Capture
  • Scissor Sweep to Berimbolo
  • Omoplata Sweep