Next Edge Academy

From Top

  • Don’t allow your opponent to get head control
  • Keep good posture – You should be able to look at the ceiling and the floor
  • Don’t allow your hands to go to the mat
  • Keep your hands on our opponent
  • Work on standing passes to avoid the closed guard
  • Never put 2 hands on one side
  • Don’t allow them to cross their legs
  • When your opponent puts their arm under your leg to angle, trap it and sit heavy to that side.
  • When creating posture try to walk your hands down their body from the biceps to the chest then hips.
  • Never overreach for their hands if they pull them away this is a setup for triangle and armbar
  • Do Not Tripod up in Guard unless you are using a Colorado Pass Grip
  • Be on your toes from top. Not the top of your foot.