Next Edge Academy

Deep Half

Lesson Plan


Deep Half is a position primarily started by a team called Paragon with Bill Cooper and Jeff Glover. The concept is that you are directly under your opponents leg making it difficult to attack and easy to sweep.


From Top

  • Turn your knee down 
  • Control the inside arm

From Bottom

  • Stay flat
  • Keep your arms in tight
  • Keep your opponent’s knee pointed to the ceiling
  • Do Not allow them to put their knee on the mat

Additional Information

Head Positioning

From Bottom

  • Your head should be just inside their thigh

Leg Positioning

  • You can have your legs in one of these configurations
    • One Leg over one under
    • Both Over
    • Both Under (Must have a tight control on the knee)


  • Hide your arms
  • Pinch tight on the leg


From Top

  • Inside the arm

From Bottom

  • Legs
  • Gi Jacket


  • You will be super tight to them

Opponents Submission Setups

  • Your opponent will look to control your arm and Kimura or armbar you

Weight Analysis

  • Your weight needs to be leaning heavily on your non-trapped leg. 

Ideal Body Type

  • Works for all body types. 
Pro Grappler to Review
  • Jeff Glover