Next Edge Academy

The opponent tries to control the knees or the wrists

The opponent tries to grab the feet

The opponent tries to grab your head

Basic Butterfly Guard Entries

Basic Butterfly Guard Sweeps

Basic Sweep Counters

  • Hook Sweep Counter with 7 Point Pass

Basic Butterfly Guard Transitions

  • Armdrag
  • Butterfly to X Guard
  • Hook Sweep to X Guard or Wrong Way X Guard
  • Butterfly to Ashi
  • Hook Sweep to Ashi
  • Butterfly to Saddle

Basic Butterfly Guard Takedowns

  • Knee Tap

Basic Butterfly Guard Passes

Basic Butterfly Guard Passes Level 2

Basic Butterfly Guard Submissions

Advanced Butterfly Guard Passes

  • Head Pull to Back
  • Guillotine over Arm Post Pass to side
  • Leg Weave
  • Push one side go to the other
  • Braulio -Hold the Pant Leg 2 on 1 Pass and pull
  • Braulio – Opponent has underhook and Off to the side
  • Braulio – Opponent has Double under – Same as before

Advanced Butterfly Guard Pass Counters

  • Leg Weave Counter to Triangle

Advanced Butterfly Guard Submissions

Advanced Butterfly Guard Submissions Escapes

To Film

  • Top Entries
    • Standing to Butterfly
  • Bottom Entries to Butterfly
    • Bottom Mount
    • Bottom Side Control
    • Half Guard
  • Bottom Entries from Butterfly to another Position
    • X Guard
    • Shin on Shin
    • Sit Up Guard
  • Leg Entries
    • To Ashi
    • To Saddle
  • Sweeps
    • Pump Action Sweep
    • Duck Under Sweep
  • Passes
    • Head Pull to the Back
  • Passing Counters
    • 7 Point Pass off Hook Sweep
    • Knee Cut off Hook Sweep
  • Submissions
    • Guillotine
    • X Choke
    • Triangle