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(Outside Ashi)


Position Description

Double Outside Ashi is a leg entanglement with both of your legs over one of theirs. It is a superior grip because you have both legs pinching on one of theirs.

Lesson Plan

Micro Drills Overview

Outside Position DrillsInside Position Drills
Level 1Ashi to DBL Outside AshiHeel In
Double Outside Ashi to 50/50Connect your feet together
Level 2Knock Them OverLeg Pull Apart and Roll Out
Straight Ankle LockStop the back arm with your hands
Level 3Heel HookStop the back arm with your heel
Estima LockStop the back arm with your foot under bicep
Level 4Toe HoldDBL Outside Ashi to the Back


  • Inside leg foot stands on the hip
  • Upper body weight is over the elbow
  • Layover top the submission
  • Eliminate space
  • Go straight ankle to Heel Hook

Additional Information

Head Positioning

You are working to be on the same side as the outside leg so your head will be near the mat.

Leg Positioning

  • Both legs will be over one of their legs with your leg being the bottom leg of the three.
  • Feet can be straight or ideally your bottom foot over top your top foot.
  • Feet can also be both feet on the bottom hip


  • Hide your legs by having your leg on the bottom.


Your “Knee Grip” will need to be tight about their knee pinching in.

Your “Arm Grip” will be on your opponents bottom ankle.


As with most leg lock positions you are looking to stay close. With your butt scooting close to their butt. Trying to keep your arms and head out of their reach.


Still need information.

Weight Analysis

Your weight needs to be leaning heavily on your bottom leg. You are completely on your side.

Ideal Body Type

Works for all body types

Leverage Points

  • Hips going into your opponents leg
  • Both feet on the hips
  • Arm high on your opponents leg
Pro Grappler to Review
  • Eddie Cummings