Next Edge Academy
(Outside Ashi)

Transitions To

Deep Half to Double Outside Ashi

Knee on Belly to Double Ashi

Failed Guillotine to Double Ashi

Seated to Double Ashi

X Guard to Double Ashi

Opponents Double Ashi to Double Ashi

Transitions From
  • Double Ashi to Game Over
  • Double Ashi to 50/50
  • Double Ashi to 80/20
  • Double Ashi to Below knee figure four


Turn the Hip from Standing

Pass Double Outside Ashi to the Back

  • Boot
    • Dorsiflex your foot
    • Point your toes toward the mat
    • Heel in to ribs
    • Lock your knee out


Tripod Straight Ankle

Saddle Escape to Straight Ankle to Heel Hook

Gordan Ryan RNC Heel Hook

Marshall Elliot Heel Hook                                                               

Weak Boot Defense Heel Hook

  • Grab his calf pull it up
  • Find the heel

Spladle short ankle lock

  • Figure four below the knee to ankle lock

Submission Escapes

Rolling Out with Heel Hook Counter

  • Defend ankle lock
    • Boot and toes on the mat
    • Push him down Angle
    • Grab his head and stand up
    • Push the knee down under your knee
  • Defend Heel Hook
    • Boot
    • Take top leg push their top knee
    • Push it below the knee line
    • Spin the same way of the heel hook
    • Kick off the butt

Submission Chains

Ankle Lock to Heel Hook

Opponents Submission Setups

Your opponent will reach back for a Straight Ankle lock or Heel Hook.

Opponents Setups

Your opponent will be looking to stay in Double Ashi or transition to Saddle Position from here so you need to not allow your knee to turn by their doing. You can turn it but watch out for the setup into saddle.

Outside Linn Lock

Inside Linn Lock