Next Edge Academy


Reset the Position

Transitions To

Shin on Shin to Double Ashi

Ashi to Double Ashi

X Guard to Double Ashi

Transitions From

Double Ashi to Saddle

  • Double Ashi to Game Over
  • Double Ashi to 50/50
  • Double Ashi to 80/20
  • Double Ashi to Below knee figure four


  • Boot
    • Dorsiflex your foot
    • Point your toes toward the mat
    • Heel in to ribs
    • Lock your knee out


Submission Escapes

  • Defend ankle lock
    • Boot and toes on the mat
    • Push him down Angle
    • Grab his head and stand up
    • Push the knee down under your knee
  • Defend Heel Hook
    • Boot
    • Take top leg push their top knee
    • Push it below the knee line
    • Spin the same way of the heel hook
    • Kick off the butt