Next Edge Academy

From Bottom


Long Range

  • Chest bigger and maximum distance between your head and their arm to  make them reach
  • Create angles off to the side – This is often called not staying “Flat”  – NEVER on your back – Always on your side
  • Bottom Knee Up so it block your opponent’s non-trapped knee
  • Top Knee in Shoulder and Pec
  • Top Toes on the bottom foot

Medium Range

  • Head tight to the underhook side with top of the head up to the ceiling
  • Head and hip on the same side
  • Use Knee pummeling to get inside the Underhook if your opponent has an underhook
  • Frame bottom hand on the bicep or on the mat
  • Cross lapel grip – Top arm goes thumb up with arm inside opponents far collar

Short Range

  • Top ear to their belly button
  • Trap with outside leg to pull inside leg out to full guard
  • Underhook arm holds the hip tight
  • Hide your head by playing tight