Next Edge Academy

Half Guard

Transitions From (Sweeps)

A big concept to understand in sweeps is to understand if your sweep relies on them going forward or back. In other words, some sweeps like Coin Sweep or Old School off the Whizzer sweep you want your opponent driving into you. Some you want them pulling away from you like traditional Old School Sweep.

Opponents Weight Going forward

Half Guard to Back

Armdrag to the Back (Not Technically a sweep but good)

Air Guitar                                            

Half Guard to Top Half Guard

John Wayne Sweep

Reverse Half to Leg Drag

Leite Dog Fight Sweep

Sweeps during the pass

Opponent tries a knee slice

Butt push to Single Leg

Tails Grip to Double Leg

Opponent goes to Reverse Half

Knee pick to the Back

Back roll as they pressure

Transitions To

  • De La Riva to Half Guard


Weaved Passes

Over Both

Split Leg Passes

Back Step Pass

Over Under Pass

Long Step Pass

Long Step and Leg Drag

Knee Cut         

Opposite Side Knee Cut off Opponents Hook Sweep

Z Guard Smash

Knee Shield Windshield

Knee Shield Pass with Kimura

Passing Counters

Back Step Counters

Elbow Lock Roll




Loop Choke    

Samurai Choke

Wrist Lock


Loop Choke from Backstep Pass

Williams Guard to Armbar

Submission Chains

  • Guillotine- Kimura – Omoplata
  • Omoplata – Kimura