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Inverted Guard


Please work on understanding all the concepts and then pick only 2-3 of each to work on

  • Day 1 Concepts/Grips (Read the Concepts – Pick 3 Grips. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 2Grips/Transitions (Review the 3 Grips and Pick 3 Transitions. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 3Transitions/Sweeps/Pass (Re-Watch the Transitions and pick 3 Sweep Videos and Pick 1 Pass. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 4Pass/Submissions (Re-Watch the Passes Videos and Pick 3 Submissions. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 6 – Review – (Go over all 3 Grips,Transitions, Sweeps, Passes, Pass Counters(If available), Submissions (If available) and Combos)
  • Day 7 – Create 3 full sequences from each category
    • Guard Pull – Sweep – Top – Submit
    • Takedown – Pass Inverted – Submit
    •  Inverted Pull – Submission


Day 1

Position Description
Inverted Guard was popularized by Roberto Magalhães better known as Roleta (Ho-Let-a) and Ryan Hall. You are upside down and your feet are in front of them.  The primary goal is to make your opponent put their weight on top of you so you can sweep or submit.


From Top

  • Pull the legs back and down
  • Do not put your weight down in the “No Zone”
  • The “No zone” is the area between your opponents to feet, you need to pass to the outside of their feet
  • Keep your hands tight to your body

From Bottom

  • Elevate your hips when spinning
  • Pull your opponent down with sleeve grips
  • Break grips of your feet

Feet Grips for Inversion

From Bottom

Day 2

Transitions To

  • RDLR to Inverted
  • Half Guard to Inverted
  • Spider Guard to Inverted

Transitions From

  • Inverted to RDLR
  • Inverted to Spider
  • Inverted to Sit Up Guard
  • Inverted to Leg Lasso
  • Inverted to Single Leg X

Day 3



Day 4


Submission Chains

  • Armbar-triangle-Omoplata

Additional Information

Head Positioning

From Top

  • Keep your Head up and away

From Bottom

  • Your head should be slightly in front of their chest not under their feet
Leg Positioning

From Top

  • Keep your legs away from them

From Bottom

  • Use the legs to hook on the hips, bicep or groin


From Top

  • Control the pants at the ankles

From Bottom

  • Grip the Sleeves


From Top

  • Don’t allow your weight to come forward 
  • When passing choose to stay super tight outside of the “No Zone”

From Bottom

  • Pull them in close to you before the submission and bring your hips up to them

Opponents Submission Setups

From Opponent on Top

  • Toe Hold

Weight Analysis

From the Top

  • Keep your Balance and weight on the outside of their leg

From Bottom

  • Keep their weight light so you can move your hips easily

Ideal Body Type

  • Longer Legs for bottom

Leverage Points

From Top

  • Knees
  • Ankles

From Bottom

  • Collar
  • Sleeves
  • Knees

Pro Grappler to Review

  • Ryan Hall