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Please work on understanding all the concepts and then pick only 3 of each to work on (3  Entries, 3 Escapes and 3 Submissions)

  • Day 1Concepts/Entries (Read the Concepts – Do 1 Entry. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 2 Entries/Escapes (Re-Do the Entry – Pick 3 Kesa Escapes. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 3Escapes/ Submissions (Re-Watch the Kesa Escapes – Pick 3 Kesa Submissions. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 4Submissions/ Combos  (Re-Watch the Kesa Submissions Pick 3 Kesa Combos. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 5Submission Combos/ Review  (Re-Watch the Mount Submissions Pick 3 Kesa Combos. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 6 – Create 3 full sequences from each category
    • Takedown – Side Control – Kesa – Submission
    • Kesa Escape – Top – Submit


Day 1

Position Description

This is a standard position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where you are on your feet off to the side. You hip may also be on the ground. with your butt on your heels. Your chest is perpendicular to your opponent’s chest. The arm Closest to their head is under their head with your Pulling up with the near side and pushing down on the far shoulder.. 


From Top

  • Knee pointed 45 degrees
  • Hips Up
  • Don’t cross the center line of their chest
  • Underhook the far arm
  • Control their hips with your elbow
  • Your weight should be on your opponent’s chest
  • Overhook with the near arm and pulling up on your opponent’s arm

From Bottom

  • Be on your side
  • Try to escape your trapped elbow asap
  • Pummel for the underhook
  • Keep your arms tight
  • Don’t overextend your arms
  • Frame on their shoulder 
  • Use your head to pummel under their head

Day 2

Transitions To

  • Top Butterfly to Kesa
  • Top Guard to Kesa
  • Top Spider Guard to Kesa
  • Top De La Riva to Kesa
  • Top Leg Lasso to Kesa
  • Top X Guard to Kesa

Day 3

Transitions From (Escapes)

  • Hook the leg
  • Gi collar extension

Day 4

  • Far Side Americana
  • Neck crank

Day 5

Submission Chains
  • Americana – Suzuki Armbar – Kimura

Additional Information

Head Positioning

From Top

  • Head positioning – Keep your head just above their chest on the near of their face. If you bring your head too far away from your feet you make yourself lighter and they can push it away.  Be a small tight mass. Try to turn their head to look away from you. Keep your head on the same side as the hips. 

From Bottom

  • Head positioning from the bottom is super important. Try to not let them get ahold of your head.
Leg Positioning

From Top

  • Your feet should alternate between driving off your toes and toes flat on the mat.
  • Have your leg bent at a 45 degree angle. If your knees are on the mat you don’t have power. If your legs are straight up they can take your back. 

From Bottom

  • You should have your feet together for the most part working as one unit. Usually, the furthest one from them will be knee bent up with that foot on the mat and the closest one down waiting to go into guard.

From Top

  • Farside Underhook and Tricep Sleeve Grip
  • Around the Head and Tricep Sleeve Grip

From Bottom

  • Normally don’t grip. Create the movement with your hips and control their arms and shoulder with your arms and hands. Frame with your top hand on the shoulder or ideally across the face. Your near arm should have your elbow tight to your ribs. 

From Top

  • Be Super tight and control the hips and head. Don’t Squeeze as much as you are just framing. Put your far shoulder into their sternum without committing your weight over the centerline. 

From Bottom

  • You want to create a lot of space.
Opponents Submission Setups

From Opponent on Bottom

  • None
Weight Analysis

From the Top

  • Your weight needs to be on them and off butt for the most part.
  • Do not allow your opponent to separate from you.
  • Stay with your ribs on their chest

From Bottom

  • Your weight will be on the mat but you can manipulate it by getting off to your side and using your hips to escape.
Ideal Body Type

Works for all body types

Leverage Points

From Top

  • Shoulders
  • Head
  • Wrists
  • Arms

From Bottom

  • Hips
  • Arms
  • Knees
Pro Grappler to Review
  • Ronda Rousey