Next Edge Academy

Basic Butterfly Guard Entries

Basic Butterfly Guard Sweeps

Basic Sweep Counters

  • Hook Sweep Counter with 7 Point Pass

Basic Butterfly Guard Transitions

  • Armdrag
  • Butterfly to X Guard
  • Hook Sweep to X Guard or Wrong Way X Guard
  • Butterfly to Ashi
  • Hook Sweep to Ashi
  • Butterfly to Saddle

Basic Butterfly Guard Takedowns

  • Knee Tap

Basic Butterfly Guard Passes

Basic Butterfly Guard Passes Level 2

Basic Butterfly Guard Submissions

Advanced Butterfly Guard Passes

  • Head Pull to Back
  • Guillotine over Arm Post Pass to side
  • Leg Weave
  • Push one side go to the other
  • Braulio -Hold the Pant Leg 2 on 1 Pass and pull
  • Braulio – Opponent has underhook and Off to the side
  • Braulio – Opponent has Double under – Same as before

Advanced Butterfly Guard Pass Counters

  • Leg Weave Counter to Triangle

Advanced Butterfly Guard Submissions

Advanced Butterfly Guard Submissions Escapes

To Film

  • Top Entries
    • Standing to Butterfly
  • Bottom Entries to Butterfly
    • Bottom Mount
    • Bottom Side Control
    • Half Guard
  • Bottom Entries from Butterfly to another Position
    • X Guard
    • Shin on Shin
    • Sit Up Guard
  • Leg Entries
    • To Ashi
    • To Saddle
  • Sweeps
    • Pump Action Sweep
    • Duck Under Sweep
  • Passes
    • Head Pull to the Back
  • Passing Counters
    • 7 Point Pass off Hook Sweep
    • Knee Cut off Hook Sweep
  • Submissions
    • Guillotine
    • X Choke
    • Triangle