Next Edge Academy

    School Rules

    1. Always show respect to your instructors and training partners. Respect means not seeking to harm your training partners. Respect also means that you train seriously enough for you and your partners to improve your skills, conditioning, and mental toughness.
    2. Maintain good hygiene (i.e. shower and brush your teeth regularly). Shower as soon as possible after class.
    3. Keep your finger and toenails short and clean. (This includes women.)
    4. Keep your shoes off the mat so we can prevent the spread of infectious skin diseases.
    5. Purchase your own gear. Depending on the sport you are doing. Handwraps, Gloves, Focus Mitts and headgear if you are doing boxing. Additionally, shin guards and Thai pads if you are doing Muay Thai. 
    6. Do not walk in the restroom or outside with bare feet. Wear sandals or shoes when leaving the mats.
    7. Do not attend class if you are sick or have a skin infection. You will be asked to leave if you do. Wait at least 48 hours after symptoms have stopped before returning to class.
    8. When you arrive at the school, look over what you are doing for the day and grab any study materials needed for class.
    9. Always thank your training partner and shake their hand after practice.
    10. Do not talk while the instructor is talking. It distracts those who are trying to learn and is disrespectful to the teacher, as well as other students.
    11. Keep cell phones turned down during class. Feel free to use them. Just please keep the volume to a minimum. Again, these distract those who are trying to learn.
    12. Continue practicing the techniques you have been tasked with until told to stop. Don’t sit around talking because you feel you have done it enough. You can NEVER do a technique too many times.
    13. If you arrive late,  feel free to join the class at any time. However when you are at another gym please do not step on the mat until okayed by the coach.
    14. Do not leave opened or empty water bottles around the gym. If you bring your own reusable water bottle, do not forget to bring it home, or it will be put into lost and found then thrown away.

    17. Most importantly, HAVE FUN AND ASK QUESTIONS!

    Training and Competing

    How many times per week should I train?

    You should train at least two times per week, but ideally more than that. Most people progress fastest with 3-4 classes per week, or even more if they are planning to compete soon or want to improve faster.

    When can I attend advanced classes?

    We do not have advanced classes however you can start attending the Friday night class for sparring after about 4 months of training.


    Do I have to compete?

    You are not required to compete, but we encourage it. We recommend at least 6 months of training before your first tournament. Tell us if you’re thinking about competing and we will help you get prepared.

    Sparring Rules

    1. No dirty fighting: no eye pokes, scratching, biting, groin strikes, etc.
    2. Wear Sparring Gloves
    3. If you find yourself too close to another pair of students sparring, move to a safer spot if you are lower ranked. If you are the same rank, whoever can reset most easily should move.
    4. Avoid hard strikes to the head.
    5. Understand what type of sparring is being done. If it is light positional sparring or live sparring. In light positional sparring, you are just touching with your gloves with the intent of trying new techniques. In live sparring, you are trying to mimic a fight. 

    Sparring FAQ


    How can I be less sore after training?

    Soreness is unavoidable when you train hard. You can recover faster by getting good sleep, drinking more water, and eating healthy. Stretching and basic strength and conditioning training can help prevent it too.

    Is it normal to get very anxious before sparring?

    Feeling nervous or intimidated is normal, especially if you’ve never done combat sports before. This feeling will go away or at least lessen as you gain more experience and confidence.