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Shin on Shin Guard


Please work on understanding all the concepts and then pick only 3 of each to work on (3 Sweeps, 3 Passes and 3 Submissions)

  • Day 1 Concepts/Grips (Read the Concepts – Pick 3 Grips. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 2Grips/Transitions (Review the 3 Grips and Pick 3 Transitions. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 3Transitions/Sweeps (Re-Watch the Transitions Videos and Pick 3 Sweeps. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 4Sweeps/ Passes (Re-Watch the Sweeps Videos and Pick 3 Passes. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 5 Passes/Submissions (Re-Watch the Passes Videos and Pick 1 Submissions. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 6 – Review – (Go over all 3 Transitions, Sweeps, Passes, Pass Counters(If available), Submissions (If available) and Combos)
  • Day 7 – Create 3 full sequences from each category
    • Guard Pull – Sweep – Top – Submit
    • Takedown – Pass Shin on Shin – Submit
    • Pull – Shin on Shin – Submission



Position Description

Shin on Shin Guard is where you are attached to your opponents shin with your shin. Your left shin goes in front of their right leg. Your right hand then grips the opposite side. 


From Top

  • Strip the Grips
  • Don’t allow them to trap your leg with their arm
  • Use your knee to push them flat to the mat before they make a connection

From Bottom

  • Ensure you have the opposite leg and arm working together. You want the right leg and the left arm.
  • Angle square so you can create lift


From Bottom

  • Shin on Shin W/ Same Sleeve
  • Shin on Shin W/ Cross Sleeve
  • Shin on Shin W/ Far Lapel Trapped
  • Shin on Shin W/ Far Collar
  • Shin / Spider Guard

Day 2

Transitions To

Transitions From

Day 3


Day 4


  • Heel up and over
  • Pummel and Baseball Slide

Day 5


Submission Chains

  • None

Additional Information

Head Positioning

From Top

  • Not Super important from top. Do not let it get too far off the centerline

From Bottom

  • Keep your Head near your opponent’s knee unless you are in Shin/Spider

Leg Positioning

From Top

  • Keep your attacked knee pointed toward the chest of your opponent

From Bottom

  • Ensure you have the opposite leg and arm working together. You want the outside leg and the opposite arm grabbing the other side.
  • Your free leg should be on the hip, bicep or between their legs


From Top

  • Control the elbows
  • Control the head

From Bottom

  • Grip the collar 
  • Grip the Sleeve
  • Grip the Collar and sleeve 
  • Grip the pants


From Top

  • Don’t allow your weight to come forward unless you choose

From Bottom

  • Pull them in close to you before the sweep

Opponents Submission Setups

From Opponent on Top

  • None

Weight Analysis

From the Top

  • Keep your Balance and weight low. 
  • Drop to combat base if you need to

From Bottom

  • Keep their weight moving side to side

Ideal Body Type

  • Shorter Legs

Leverage Points

From Top

  • Head
  • Elbows
  • Chest

From Bottom

  • Collar
  • Sleeves
  • Knees
  • Biceps
  • Hip
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