Next Edge Academy


Transitions To

  • Top Spider Guard to Side
  • Top De La Riva to Side
  • Top Leg Lasso to Side. 
  • Top X Guard to Side

Transitions From


A big concept to understand side control escapes is to not allow your opponent to get you flat on your back. In general, you always want to be on your side with a frame of some sort keeping them away. You are not pushing them away. You are trying to scoot away from them.

Y Escape

Trap the Arm and Roll

During the pass

Sleeve trap

Bicep trap

Bottom Americana


Backdoor Escape



Little Hands Triangle

D’Arce No Gi

Brabo from Side Control

Cross Collar Choke from Side Control

Hug Kimura     

Ezekiel Choke

Lister Armbar  

Suzuki Armbar

Trucker Choke

Keenan Wristlock from Side Control

Reverse Triangle

Wristlock from Side Control 2

Wristlock from Side Control 3

Loop Choke from Side Control

Submission Chains

  • Americana – Suzuki Armbar – Kimura