Top Closed Guard Game plan

Do you have grips or do they?

  • Yes – Proceed to starting to pass
  • No – Break the grips and establish your grips. Don’t continue until you establish grips on your terms

What is your posture?

  • Sitting up – Proceed to the next question
  • Hunched over – Establish better posture before attempting to pass. Don’t continue until you have better posture
  • Very Low – Establish better posture or consider the following passes.

Are you kneeling or standing?

  • Standing – Great is their guard open?
    • Yes – Proceed to passing
    • No – Start to open the guard with these guard breaks
  • Kneeling with toes flat – Consider standing or getting on your toes before passing. Don’t continue until you have better positioning
  • Kneeling with toes on the mat – Usually you will have more success from standing. However if you don’t have to use the following to break the guard from there.

How do you like to pass the legs? Go under, go outside or split the legs?

  • Under
    • Gracie Guard Pass
    • Double Under Pass
  • Split
    • Baseball Slide Pass
    • Overunder Pass
  • Outside
    • Torreando Pass