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Please work on understanding all the concepts and then pick only 3 of each to work on (3  Entries, 3 Escapes and 3 Submissions)

  • Day 1 Transitions (Pick 3 Transitions. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 2Escapes (Re-Watch the Transition Videos and Pick Escapes. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 3 Submissions (Re-Watch the Submission Videos. Watch the full video before class)
  • Day 4 – Review – (Go over all 3 Transitions, Escapes, Submissions and Combos)
  • Day 8 – Create 3 full sequences from each category
    • Guard Pull – Truck – Top – Submit
    • Takedown – Truck  – Submit
    • Takedown – Truck  – Submission from Truck 



Position Description

This is a standard position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where you belly button is on the hips of your opponent. With one leg wrapped around their leg.


From Outside

From Inside

Day 1

Transitions To

Day 2



Day 3

Submission Chains

  • Banana Split – Calf Slicer
  • Banana Split – Twister

Additional Information

Head Positioning

From Outside

From Inside

Leg Positioning

From Outside

  • Your left leg should be around their left leg and then you triangle your right leg over your left leg. Connect your right leg to their left leg. 

From Inside


From Top

  • Opposite Feet
  • Opposite Knee

From Bottom

  • Normally don’t grip. Create the movement with your hips


From Outside

  • Be Super tight and control the hips

From Inside

  • You want to create a lot of space.

Weight Analysis

From the Outside

  • Your weight needs to be on your hip for the most part or on a side
  • Do not allow your opponent to separate from you.
  • Stay with the belly button on their hips

From Inside

  • Your weight will be on the mat but you can manipulate it by getting off to the side and using your hips to escape

Ideal Body Type

  • Works for all body types

Leverage Points

From Outside

  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Head
  • Wrists

From Inside

  • Hips
  • Arms
  • Knees
Pro Grappler to Review
  • Eddie Bravo