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What classes do we offer?

Currently we offer classes in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Adults and Kids, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Are you interested in classes?

Great that's awesome! Now the next big question is how would you like to move forward?

I am ready to try a class. Sounds good!

We will have you try the regular class. Don’t worry all the classes are beginner friendly and you can start at anytime. Click the link below to book a group class!

Click the link below and select Visitor to try the class

Try a class!

I want to try a class but I am a little nervous...

No problem this is super super common and we want to show you there you have nothing to be nervous about. We want to make sure you feel comfortable in the environment and our goal is to help you learn martial arts. So our suggestion is to come in and watch some of the classes! Then if you decide you want to try a class you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are at it maybe take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section and see if your question is in there! I bet it is!!

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to sign up!

Great we have a few options depending on your age. Also please note that our billing is done on the 15th of each month, so your bill will be pro-rated based on the day you sign up.

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I am interested.. but right now I just want more information.

That works for us! Please click the button below and request more information. Someone will be in touch with you via text, email or phone. They will help answer any of the questions you might have!

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If you contacted us outside of business hours it might take us a bit longer to respond.