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Breaking Burrito

Program Objective: To secure sponsorship to support our talented competitors in their journey to national martial arts competitions, providing funds for travel expenses, registration fees, and promotional materials while offering valuable exposure to sponsors.

Sponsorship Tiers:

  • Bronze Tier ($250 a year):
    • Social media posts to our fans.
  • Silver Tier ($500 a year):
    • All benefits of Bronze Tier.
    • Enhanced social media promotion.
    • Logo placement on competitor shirts.
    • Exposure in weekly social media videos.
  • Gold Tier ($1000 a year):
    • All benefits of Silver Tier.
    • Logo placement on all warm-up gear.
    • Premium social media exposure.
    • Priority logo placement in the gym.
    • 2 Hour Commitment to your business for every 2 months of Sponsorship
    • Monthly reports on athletes.

Sponsorship Goals:

  • Raise $5000 per year for all teams combined.
  • Allocated as follows: Travel expenses (70%), Registration fees (20%), Production of warm-up gear and shirts (10%).

Promotional Strategy:

  • Social Media: Regular posts, photos, and videos showcasing sponsors, competitors, and fans on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Merchandise: Production of warm-up gear and shirts with sponsor logos.
  • Events: Frequent regional and national events with opportunities for sponsor exposure.
  • Reports: Monthly reports to sponsors on athlete performance and social media growth.

Online Presence:

  • Facebook: 3,900 followers.
  • Instagram: 1,825 followers.
  • YouTube: 500 subscribers.
  • Website, with dedicated sponsor section.
  • Warm-ups, shirts, banners, and videos featuring sponsors.

Upcoming Events:

  • Monthly regional boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu events in the Midwest.
  • Multiple national-level events across the United States throughout the year.

Audience Profile for your company:

  • Majority are friends and family of competitors.
  • Fans who are highly engaged and passionate about martial arts.
  • Fans trust and value the information provided by the team.

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